Technology for Learning?

Greetings Tech Team,

I hope your school year is off to a great start and that you are finding innovative ways to use the students’ devices in  your classrooms in an effort to improve their engagement and learning!  Be sure to share all your experiences with the rest of us!

As I work towards improving learning for all students, I have the opportunity to work in many classrooms, with many schools and many individuals.  Some want to be using technology, others want to bring it into the classroom but aren’t really sure how to or what to do with it.  There are also those who think that bringing technology/devices into the classroom will automatically engage kids thus improving their learning.  Unfortunately, technology in and of itself will NOT engage kids.  In fact, without a purpose, it may only serve to distract students and impede their learning.  As we introduce various devices into classrooms we need to be clear about the educational benefits and the purposes for using the devices – with ourselves and with students.  The link below provides an interesting comment on and a gentle reminder to all of us about a BYOD program and just generally encouraging the use of technology devices in the classroom.  Enjoy this quick read!


Take charge now

Here we go, grade 10! We are going to blog – read, post, respond, reply, reflect, and post again. Every day I am going to post a short blurb about our day, any homework assigned and/or upcoming events. There will also be links to our projects, assignments, and answer keys to the worksheets we do as we practise our writing skills.

Today, I would like you to start thinking about an injustice in our world that you think is particularly interesting or that you feel has drawn you in for some reason. This injustice can be local, national or global. Do a little research, do a lot of research, think about what you’ve seen, read, heard or written and put it all together to share with your friends and classmates. We’ll begin this project this week, so if you have a few spare minutes do some exploring on the internet and find an issue, injustice or inequality that speaks to you in some way.

You can ask questions or post responses to anything I blog. And…. GO…..